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"Stop Risking All Your Time Effort and Money - Let Me Show YOU My Proven Method to Win 90% of Your Bets and Make Massive Money from Gambling Full-Time"


From  the desk of Paul C

Dear Friend -

Following the recent changes to the method THE STRIKE RATE NOW STANDS AT 90%!

This method was previously sold by us in 2011 and had been fully revised for 2019. Of all the systems I have written this one has always stood out with its incredible strike rate of over 70%, the lack of long losing runs, no Dutching and its simplicity of application - it also makes a couple of bob.

As with any system, things have changed since the original was penned and as a result, approaching winter, I have tuned it to current circumstances and cut the waffle.

In all of my methods I strive to find reasonable priced winners, but with an excellent strike rate. I cannot be bothered with the long odds systems with unnerving losing runs of ten or more with a strike rate of a good laying system.

The System should result in almost a win per day. It incorporates information that I have found very important in my career, particularly regarding jockey and trainer.

Over the two month period, prior to being advertised previously, there were a total of 52 selections of which 38 were winners a STRIKE RATE OF OVER 73%!

This produced A PROFIT OF £2000 TO £50 LEVEL STAKES!

Following the recent changes to the method THE STRIKE RATE NOW STANDS AT 90% - over the last 10 days this method had winners coming in at 4/1, 4/5, 8/15, 2/1, 2/1, 9/4, 11/4, 9/4 and 10/11. With only one loser from the 10 races over the period covered.

This made a total of 18.85 points which, at £50 a point stakes, produced a profit of £942 , plus a 9 point double giving a further profit of £450, making A TOTAL PROFIT OF £1,392 IN ONLY 10 DAYS. This is an amazing system and well worth the asking price of ONLY £77.

The Easiest Way To Create Long Term Betting Profits Is Follow Proven Systems Which Will Identify Winning Bets Quickly and easily

I am going to reveal to you one of the few elite systems that the bookmakers really fear.

I am going to tell you one of the only proven systems that actually do make money.

Disillusioned with wasting time and money on horse racing systems

that promise the earth but time and time again fail to deliver the


Well if this is the case then you may want to consider owning a copy of The System and joining of like-minded punters who too have suffered similar experiences.

Over the last 30 years we have purchased hundreds horse racing and sports betting systems, been full of anticipation for their projected profits.

After monitoring the systems on paper the results were nothing that related to the original financial gains that were advertised.

In fact, all that was achieved was a waste of time and money! Normally the financial loss was many times greater than the price of the system itself because extra money was needed to actually test these latest miracle methods!!

Every year the run up to The Cheltenham Festival and new Flat season brings out all manner of professional gambler pretenders, with about 1000 new systems released every year for the racing season.

One in two are absolute rubbish. They’re not worth the paper they’re printed on. The rest are hit and miss – you may occasionally find a good method, but it’s a big gamble. It’s appalling.

Today's cynical sports betting publishers are cashing in on the gullible public with terrible systems and too many rubbish unprofitable tipping services

I will decline to name names, but my frustration at the younger pretenders’ delivering systems to tie in with Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot etc makes me angry.

How can a so called professional gambler at 25 or 26 – even if he’s a good one – write a winning system?

He knows nothing. So what’s in that system can only be a mish-mash of what he’s seen in other systems and ideas gained from other people. It’s a mockery. Like writing your autobiography at the age of 30 – what have you really got to say?’

There are now too many rubbish systems, books, and get-rich-quick horse racing schemes – and quality is suffering because of it.

My own systems like children to me.

I’d never use a ghost writer or rehash an old method. I write down my winning methods with a pencil and work on them over six months testing the results before they are released to my select few most valued clients.

I have full creative control over the systems I sell. It’s not the same with many others.

Although we have had a lot of negative experiences, we have also seen and heard enough to know that it is more than possible to succeed in betting for a living.

Remember, it is a fact that virtually anyone who is successful with their betting will be using a method of some sort, even if they don’t realise it! Our basic aim is therefore to research and discover systems that show regular profits at the end of every month.

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Let Me Swing Open The Concealed, Secret Door:

By owning a copy of The Favourite System you will be gaining access to a well researched and exciting system as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience from my team of experts.

For a small one off payment you will gain access to the system. Within the system you will find also find advice on staking that will only benefit your punting experience.

We spend many hours each and every month testing new systems. We then create and mix up all different kinds of betting angles in order to discover workable, profitable systems.

This amazing new method reveals the secret system that no one else is telling you,a time tested and proven strategy that you can use right now to make money

My best-selling systems have guided amateur punters into professionals. Away from the track though I fear that I have helped create a monster.

The gambling industry has become greedy. Only one in ten of the systems published each year are any good. I would say 50 per cent of systems should not be published at all!


This is not like anything you’ve ever seen before

Here’s What Makes This System so different and so much more profitable than anything else you have ever seen

Creating Your Own Systems Is Hard Work.

If you have the time and energy to analyse the past 35 years of horse racing data and to then test your results, then to be honest I would advise you to do that.

But the fact is that almost all of this research has been done before and much of it has been done by me and my team of systems researchers.

You can save weeks, months and even years of hard work and sweat by picking the brains of somebody who has done it all before. Why not use the understanding gained by major punters who have gone before in order to make intellectual progress? Isaac Newton called this standing on the shoulders of giants.

Building your own portfolio of profitable betting systems, strategies and methods is perhaps the best success model ever. Just think about the profound ultimate benefit -

You are self-reliant and never have to buy another overpriced, over hyped betting system or tipping service again.

Instead you can make steady long term profits, consistently.



The System is a powerful  proven and tested betting strategy that really does work and will make you money.

We know as we put it together and follow the bets ourselves!


The System is a must have method for serious gamblers from our proven betting experts. It will put you firmly on the path to becoming a full time betting professional.

Our system will help you turn your hobby into a profitable betting regular income. Just imagine in a few months’ time when you have built up your betting bank and telling your boss to stuff his job! It’s a great feeling because that is exactly what I did.

It’s also jargon free You do not have to be a maths genius to understand the system. If you’re confused by betting terms  – The system explains everything in layman’s terms for the novice gambler

Let me sum up what makes the System different to others out there....


  • Bet and Forget! The system is easy to use – just a few minutes per day to check your race cards and place your bets
  • Ultra low starting betting bank needed – you can start with as little as £100
  • No complex staking plans – you can bet to level stakes or use the simple staking plans (both are profitable)
  • Simple betting strategyYou don’t need any previous betting experience or any interest in horse racing for that matter!
  • Most important -: Our system has a proven track record over National Hunt and flat racing and deliver a great profit to level and variable stakes.
  • PLENTY OF ACTION - Every year, thousands of races are run on UK and Irish race courses. With my simple, straight forward strategies you can now take your pick and cash in. This system works flawlessly during both flat and jump seasons.
  • NO GUESSWORK OR STRESS - You can forget spending hours studying form books or trying to get to use complex computer software that never works If you can follow easy instructions then you are well on your way to profiting with our system.
  • A NEWBIE IN Betting? – Let me show you how you can become a pro punter immediately even if you've never made a bet on horses or sports before.
  • TOTAL FREEDOM - As long as you have access to a bookies that allows bets on British racing this system will work for you regardless of where you are in the world

Discover a rock-solid system that could turn a £100 betting bank into £5,250 in just 7 months

Avoid risks and let me do all the testing first


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Want More Proof Of how Valuable This is?

"Using your system I can see it is very possible to make at least £40,000 per year easily in income. I started out with a very small betting bank and have now accumulated over £6,000 already. The compounding effect is amazing! Anyone who doesn’t use your  methods are definitely missing out on a very good deal in life." A.M – Derbyshire


"We've bought a car for our daughter Jenny and we're taking all the family to Tuscany in a villa for 2 weeks on Thursday! None of this would have been possible without your system and continuous help and again we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts…." P.S - West Yorkshire


"Paul; Your system is AWESOME. I'm a mathematical and systematic kind of punter, and your system is EXACTLY what I've been looking for to make the profits and make sense of it from a mathematical/systematic process. It couldn't be easier. or could it?" Yours truly, D.W - Leics

"The Favourite System is so simple and so effective - no word of a Lie I got a copy last week and now all of my punting friends and family are using it and I easily make £150 a week. Brilliant!" K.D Sheffield

"I've Made About £1356 So Far Over a Month and I've Not Even used Any of my Own Money!!!" H.M - Cornwall

"Last month I paper traded your system on a trial run, to find out how I should handle it. Believe it or not, I got a whooping £20000!" L.D - Newmarket

Yes we really are giving away  our most successful gambling product

Snooze and you lose!


Listen, I don’t blame you if you are a little sceptical. I’ve been ripped off before so I understand exactly where you’re coming from. i know you’ve probably sent away for stuff that never quite reached you… or you bought something and it didn’t live up to its expectations.

But that's not going to happen with this. We are here to stay. And I have put my heart and soul into a product that truly delivers. (After all, my reputation depends on it – and I protect that like a magpie protects their young)

Now I know how hard it is to get your hands on real, authentic, down to earth advice from an experienced source like you’ll discover here. Some of the secrets you’ll find revealed here are cutting edge.


You won’t find them in everyday betting world… only truly experienced and professional punters are aware of how powerful they truly are.


Now, let me ask you something…


That’s £6.41 per month. That’s far less than what you would pay for lunch a day! How much money have you spent on useless ‘stuff’ that never earned a cent for you or your family? If you are like most people your answer is probably… PLENTY!

My intention is not to convince you of anything. I am out to spread the word about proven horse betting systems no other professional punter has the bottle and expertise to reveal.

Are you serious about making a consistent profit week after week, year after year from horse racing betting starting right NOW?

Do you want the secret method that will give you the edge over all other punters?

Do you want to live the lifestyle of your choice, where you decide how much money you make?

Then don’t mess about. Order your copy of “The Favourite System” right now, while it’s still fresh in your mind. 

I promise you’ll be very, very, very happy with the new found knowledge that means you can quickly and easily generate more cash whenever you need more money for a new car, holiday, clothes etc.

If someone told me a few years ago I would be retired now and drive a brand new car and own my own home outright because of horse racing systems  – I would think they were dunk or completely nuts.

You see people all over the UK are making an absolute FORTUNE USING THIS SYSTEM…. isn’t it time you did too?

Your Success At Betting Today Is Totally Dependent On Using This Amazing Updated Proven System

You will now be able to ,be your own boss, and have more freedom.

Once you own the system your betting profits can be managed in just 15 minutes a day

When you look back after each month, you'll actually be able to see progress by putting the system into practice and watching your betting bank grow.


Its an Instant Download so you can be up an running within the next 15 minutes!
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My Amazing Lifetime Guarantee to You

I am completely convinced that this is the best investment you could ever make for your gambling career that I am going to take all the risk away from you, at this very moment.

I will even go so far as to say that if you are not 120% satisfied with the system I will immediately refund your payment and you can keep the system as my way of saying thank you just for trying!

Hows THAT for a 120% risk-free guarantee!

YES, please Paul, please send me immdiatly by 24hour download your Favourite System which contains the full step by step instruction manual showing me the system in full.


Please send me a copy of Your 90% Winning System plus A free Copy of Your Race Code Breaker Method worth £387! (Last 9 Months 65.72 points profit or £6572 to £100 level stakes just 1 losing month!)


Priority Reservation Certificate
24Hour Instant Download

£37 FOR 1 COPY (Normal terms £154 but this is on the basis of I am paying half now and send the second half once I have made £1000 using the system. On that basis I enclose my first payment of £77.) Plus, Race Code Breaker Method worth £387 that made £6572 profit in the last 9 months .

£74 FOR 1 COPY (Without the pay half deal-Nothing more to pay ever!)

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